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ODME - Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment

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Friday, 24 May 2024

Welcome to ODME EUROPE web site

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New Rules for Tanker Ships Carrying Bio-Fuel Blends have been applied.

Be Ready! Get Upgraded for Bio Fuel Blends

Get your ODME upgraded for Bio Fuel Blends

For the new IMO/MARPOL REGULATIONS MEPC.1/Circ.761/Rev 1 OR MEPC.240(65)


biofuel blends "BIO-FUEL" ODME biofuel blends

Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment (ODME) should be modified & certified in order that the Tanker Ship will be eligible to discharge waste water washings of Bio-Fuel Blends in to the sea.

Our Solution can help you to Upgrade or Replace any ODME’s of any Makers.

ODME – EUROPE is trading through Darlas Electronic Applications SA or Darlas - Hellas.

DARLAS – HELLAS for 30+ years (from early 1980's till 2012) served as an Exclusive Sales and Service Agent for SERES France and from 2005 till 2007 for SEIL-SERES Korea, representing their Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment, e.g.: ODME Ballast Monitors.

We currently work as an Independent - not Maker Authorized Sales & Service Station, for quite a few other ODME Makers, such as: Brannstrom - Sweden, Jowa AB, River Trace Engineering or RTE - England, Seil Seres - Korea, Seres - France and VAF - Netherlands just to mention a few of them.

In addition to above we also act as Independent and not Maker Authorized Brokers for all ODME Systems related with the second hand market by refurbishing and rebuilding all kind of old or used ODME's, thus supplying our products and services at very attractive prices and with full 30-Days money-back warranty under the term of: "No CURE No PAY".

Our specialization includes all sectors of business related with ODME Systems, Oil in Water Monitors and other related Marine Electronic Products. We can support you 100% with all your ODME needs included but not limited to Second Hand or Brand new Equipment Sales, Spare parts sales, Service Attendances and Technical support down to ODME component level.

All above shown Registered®, Trademarks™ and Copyrights© of the above companies are recognised, and are linked to their respective companies websites. Darlas Electronic Applications SA, has served for more than 30 years as the exclusive Sales and Service Agent for Seres and Seil Seres ODME products. Darlas Electronic Applications SA is currently acting as an independent ODME Sales & Service Station specializing in ODME and other related marine products.